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e-Taxation Through Online Banking
e-Taxation Through Online Banking
Pay your taxes to The Ministry of Finance through Fransabank Online Banking

Settle your Ministry of Finance taxes directly from your bank account through Fransabank Online Banking in a secure, easy and speedy way.

Type of taxes you can settle online:

  • Income Tax -  اشعار دفع ضريبة الدخل على الرواتب والاجور و على الارباح الصناعية والتجارية وغير التجارية
  • Indirect Tax - الضرائب غير مباشرة
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) -  اشعار بالدفع للضريبة على القيمة المضافة
  • Built Property Tax - اشعار بالدفع لضريبة الاملاك المبنية
  • TIO Real Estate 2% - أمر قبض استيفاء رسم فراغ عقد بيع عقاري
  • Treasury Issuing Order (TIO) - أمر قبض صندوق الخزينة
  • Judicial Fees, Expenses and Guarantees - رسوم ونفقات وتأمينات قضائية من وزارة العدل 

How does it work?


  • Visit and register online
  • Enroll to the e-taxation service
  • Access the e-services option (الخدمة الإلكترونية) and fill in the application
  • You will receive via email a tracking number and the date of appointment set to submit the necessary documents for obtaining an E-Pin (رقم التعريف الإلكتروني)
  • Visit the Ministry of Finance to subscribe to the service "E-Payment" and take your E-Pin
  • Login to the Ministry of Finance website and access the E-services option using the E-Pin in order to get the reference of the receipt (إيصال تحصيل)

Payment Process:

  • Access the e-services الخدمة الإلكترونية option using the "e-Pin" in order to obtain the receipt reference رقم إيصال التحصيل
  • Visit and login to Fransabank Online Banking
  • Choose “Government Payment”
  • Select Category Name
  • Select Payment ID
  • Select Tax Amount 
  • Choose the current account in LBP
  • Click “Proceed” then "Agree and pay" 

The amount, in addition to the charge of LBP 5,000, will be debited from your account upon transaction execution. A message will be sent to your mobile number and to your email address notifying the success or failure of the electronic settlement.

You can always track your payments by checking their status under “Government Payment”.


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